Reichman & Rommelaar

Reichman & Rommelaar

Twee namen, één bedrijf, één filosofie


Reichman & Rommelaar 
Two names, one business, one philosophy. With a thorough approach that brings supply and demand together. Solidly traditional when it comes to professionalism, trust and commitment. Contemporary when it comes to knowing the market, taking swift action, using information technology, and networking.

Repeat orders from 9 out of every 10 clients
Established in 1961 working as a Real Estate Broker and Immovable Property Experts. We see this as an obvious choice and entirely in line with our focus on providing our clients with fine quality and service. And the success of such a strategy can be seen in the fact that nine out of ten of our new clients come back to us again for all future transactions. What better proof of customer satisfaction!

Buying, selling and renting property: generally not the kind of things you do every day. These are major decisions involving major investments – usually the single most valuable private asset our client has – that also have to consider a highly fluctuating market. Reichman & Rommelaar is completely at home in this market, and provide you with all the support and security you need in buying and selling.

Over the years, each member of our team has acquired his or her own speciality – architectural expertise, negotiating, pricing, each of which are important components of the support we offer. Reichman en Rommelaar has special in-house expertise in the international network in the region.

Saving time and effort
Buying or selling a house: it takes a lot of time and effort. But the assistance provided by Reichman & Rommelaar will spare you much of this. After all, the searching and negotiating will be done for you – by professionals who know everything about the market, who will be there to help you throughout the process and who will involve you at the crucial stages of the process. One less thing to worry about. We make extensive use of the on-line market system, our own networks, and, of course, our relationships with satisfied clients we have built up over the years. This strategy plus personal involvement has been the key to our success.

Buying a house
You can opt for our All-in support package, or for specific service components. Most transactions between sellers and buyers take place through the real estate agents of the seller and the buyer. We are fully in a position to give you the purchasing support that you want us to provide. You may decide you use our “all-in” support services, or we may agree to provide you with specific components of our composite purchasing assistance package. We would be happy to explain these aspects in more detail in a personal discusssion with you.