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Tips for buying and selling a house or an apartment:
The perfect first-time orientation aid: “First know what is on offer”. This is an important success factor for good purchasing. Seldom do clients find their home during the initial stages of their search. Your purchase should fulfil your expectations. Expectations vary from person to person; even couples tend to have totally divergent viewpoints on the issue, often without being aware of it. For this reason, we would first advise you to collect comparative information and determine what the most important criteria are for you. We now offer you an all-new aid for helping you do just that: our online search service. For more information, click on “Search service” in the menu.

Before you view the property
Before deciding to make an appointment to view a home, we advise finding out more about the location in which the property is located. Visiting the street at several different times of the day and on different days of the week will give you a better idea of the general living environment and the traffic situation. It is not enough to merely think of the parking-space available on the street, but also in terms of the roads you will often use to commute to work, and the way the sun strikes the house. If you then wish to visit the home, you could make use of the information you have gathered. The seller and his broker will then see you as a serious candidate for this particular property. The better informed you are, the more you stand to gain. Reichman & Rommelaar will guide and inform you in all these aspects if you opt to avail of our Purchase support services.

Tips during the visit
– Take notes during the viewing. You will receive lots of information and form many impressions that you might easily forget later. These notes can also be very helpful for comparing other houses you visit. Ultimately, they become a sort of checklist.
– Before viewing, you can approximate the room dimensions that would be suitable for your purposes. Then, at the viewing, it can be handy to make a note of the dimensions given by the seller or his broker, and to physically verify them on the spot.
– The structural condition of a house is an important consideration. Often, future maintenance problems can be recognised early on, or will be indicated in documents. In addition, Reichman & Rommelaar are familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of specific construction periods and districts. The maintenance requirements of a property can be predicted on the basis of these data.

Apartments and apartment rights
If you are interested in an apartment (=apartment right), there are lots of issues that need your attention. In fact, you are buying a share of a building with the exclusive right to use a specific area (your apartment). When purchasing an apartment, you automatically become a member of the owners’ association for that building (VvE). The property division regulations and the deed of division of property, list the rules and regulations that the VvE will be applying.

The Owners’ Association Rules list the costs for which you will be individually responsible and the maintenance costs that will be borne by the Owners’ Association. The members of the VvE will jointly decide what maintenance activities are needed, and they also jointly raise the funds to cover these expenses. They usually work on the basis of a monthly contribution fee paid by each owner, although this fee does not always cover the actual costs. For this reason, it is important to know if there are any maintenance decisions that have already been made, and whether the financial reserves of the VvE are sufficient. R&R’s Purchase Support will provide you with information about these aspects as well.

Official Building Plans and Area Development Plans
The “Buildings and Residences” section of the city council offices maintain records about almost all buildings, so you can apply to them for copies of their files that include the original building plans or plans of alterations. Only those alterations that have been realised as based on an official building permit, however, will be available. These offices are also a source of information about possible future plans in your area that might affect your future property.

Selling your home
You can opt for our All-in support package, or for specific service components. Most transactions between sellers and buyers take place through the real estate agents of the seller and the buyer. We are fully in a position to give you the purchasing support that you want us to provide. You may decide to use our “all-in” support services, or we may agree to provide you with specific components of our composite purchasing assistance package. We would be happy to explain these aspects in more detail in a personal discussion with you.

The first step in purchasing
The first impression a potential buyer receives at a viewing could very well be one of the key factors. This is why it is so important for us to present your home in the most positive way. Visitors should feel welcome and at ease to start off a pleasant viewing. Living there, you will know better than anyone else which features your home offers that makes it appealing. We have compiled a list of useful tips to help you get ready for a viewing.

Clean appearance
Homes that are clean and tidy are always positively received. You should remember that visible toys and garments not only look untidy but, more importantly, they make rooms appear smaller. The same goes for the garden, the shed and the garage if there is one.

Another important point is that during a viewing, the house should be quiet: no washing machines, dryers, music or other sources of noise.

A house with plenty of light makes a better impression so keep curtains, drapes or blinds as open as possible to let in the light. At a viewing during a darker period of the day, be sure to turn on the lights in advance. This will keep you from having to search for the right switches during the viewing.

To make the visitor feel welcome, fresh flowers and a pleasant fragrance can have a positive effect. We also advise setting the temperature to a comfortable level throughout the house.

Answering questions
If you decide to be present at a viewing, it would only be natural for you to answer questions from visitors. You will also be expected to explain why you are moving. In doing so, however, you should realise that a prospective buyer is not yet attached to your home or its surroundings and does not yet appreciate them. For this reason, we advise keeping your explanation brief.

Sanitising unused drains
If a home has not been used for a while, unpleasant odours can develop from the drains at the sink or the washing machine connection due to the evaporation of the water in the siphon, which normally blocks the release of odours from the drain into the air. This unpleasantness can be avoided by pouring some salad oil into these drains.