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Frequently asked questions

When am I ‘engaged in negotiations’?
You are engaged in negotiations once you have made an offer and received a counter-offer from the seller or once the seller’s representative explicitly indicates that they are so engaged with you. You are not engaged in negotiations if the seller’s respresentative merely indicates their intention to consult the seller regarding your offer.

Is the seller obliged to sell to me if I offer to meet the asking price?
The highest court of The Netherlands (Hoge Raad) has ruled that the asking price of a property is an invitation to make an offer. Even if you offer the stated asking price, the seller is not obliged either to accept it or to make a counter offer.

When is the purchase realised?
Once the seller and buyer have come to an verbal agreement regarding the main elements of the transaction (usually the price, completion date and supplementary conditions), the purchase is considered to have been realised. This is then recorded by the seller’s representative in a deed of purchase, only after the seller has signed, it is binding for the seller. This deed must contain the provisions as agreed verbally by both parties. Any supplemental conditions, e.g. penalty or contingent financing clauses are also included.  For the buyer there is a 3 working days “cool-off” period, within this a buyer can dissolve the purchase agreement without any consequences.

When I am in negotiations?
If I am the first to make an offer, is the seller obliged to engage in negotiations with me first?
No, the seller or his representative is free to determine the sales procedure, although you have a right to be informed accordingly. If you are seriously interested in a property, it would be wise to enquire exactly what your position is in this respect in order to avoid disappointment.

Where does Reichman & Rommelaar operate?
Reichman & Rommelaar is active in The Hague, Rijswijk, Delft, Wassenaar, Voorburg, Leidschendam, Voorschoten, Zoeterwoude, Leiden and surroundings.

How does Reichman & Rommelaar keep itself fully informed?
In addition to its own sales and rental portfolio, Reichman & Rommelaar has access to the electronic data system which provides daily updates on the total regional availability. It also has its own informal network of contacts and advisors.

How does Reichman & Rommelaar work?
After first contact we invite you to our office or we visit you. Buying or selling a house is an emotional, and financially significant event so we feel it critically important that our client know, understand and trust us. We answer all queries and together decide on the most suitable approach to the sale or purchase challenge.

Why Reichman & Rommelaar?
– Dedicated, attached and swift.
– Experienced professionals.
– Knowledge of the market.
– Good regional network of contacts.
– Wide range of both buyers and sellers contact data base.
– Property presentation on three locations.

What can one normally expect to find in a rented house/apartment?
We specialise in the following categories in rental houses and apartments:
– Semi-furnished; which includes floor coverings, curtains, basic equipment and lights.
– Fully furnished; which includes furniture, kitchen equipment, bedding and linnen.

What is the usual rental period?
Variable. Fully furnished houses are sometimes rented for shorter periods, but the normal minimum period for a fully or partially furnished house is one year.