From three, eye-catching, locations we offer our extended portfolio of the real estate market, we have our headoffice in The Hague, Cornelis de Wittlaan 39 (statenkwartier), this location we work from, next to our office in The Hague, we have a vitrine in Wassenaar, so we can offer an extended share of the real estate market in that display, this location the Van Zuylen van Nijeveltstraat 95 in Wassenaar, is our backoffice (administration & property management) we also have a property vitrine In Voorburg.


Herenstraat 50
2271 CJ Voorburg

Telefoon 070-514 21 41
Fax 070-511 69 57

Office hours
Visiting address for all real estate activities is our head office in The Hague, Cornelis de Wittlaan 39 (statenkwartier) op open office days from 09:00 uur till 17:30 uur.

Obviously we can always serve appointments outside of office hours, you can alway get in touch with us.