Den Haag

Returning from Indonesia mister Reichman started in 1958 a real estate agency, located at The Pondok, Papagaaielaan 2 in The Hague, under his own private name, when mister Reichman passed away his widow continued the business with her brother in law, mister Rommelaar.

That was the start in 1961 of Real estate Agency Reichman & Rommelaar at the Van Boetzelaerlaan 7 in The Hague, right from 1961 their real estate agency was a full member of the oficially listed estate agencies in the Netherlands, the NVM.

Several years later the property van Boetzelaerlaan 7 was acquired and the office moved, mrs Rommelaar also assisted with the business, both ladies Reichman & Rommelaar became a well known couple in the property business.

Mrs Rommelaar was the mother of Wieteke van Dort, a well known Dutch artist, who lived for several years above the office, later also her management office was held at the same addres.

Mrs Rommelaar organized the administration of the company, for which she graduated on her 75th birthday for her typing examination.

In 1975 the business was taken over by an former employee, Mr E. Haan, in 1998 he sold the business to the present owner, who re-furbishes the office premisses at the Van Boetzelearlaan 7 in 1999, the premisses are provided with a reception and meeting room for the first time, clients were untill than used to take place behind a desk.

Not long after, the space and facilities at the van Boetz are considered as a limitation for futere growth, in 2000 there is a sudden posibility for growth, carpet retailer "Van Onderen Tapijt" is leaving the Statenkwartier, their premises at the corner of Aert van der Goesstraat / Cornelis de Wittlaan are acquired by R&R.

After a drastic in- and external renovation the restored office premises were opened as the new R&R Real Estate Agency office, all real estate services are handled from this office.

We would like to give reception to you at our office to discuss how we can be of service to you.

Visiting address
Cornelis de Wittlaan 39
2582 AB Den Haag

Telephone 070-354 66 00
TeleFax 070-351 26 74

On working days our office is open from 09:00 a.m. until 05:30 p.m.

For us it is normal practice that you can get in touch with us outside office hours at any time, naturally appointments can also be made outside opening hours.